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With over 45 years experience in bringing high end products to market, we work diligently to create custom one of a kind furniture. Known for our attention to detail, we are able to offer headache free design management from conception to completion. From hand drawn renderings to intricately drawn plans we offer a custom solution for any project while striving for the highest quality achievable.

We are also known for our exquisite custom finishes. We offer samples in hardwoods, exotic solids and veneers, gold or silver leaf, parchment, brass, bronze, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, glass, paint and lacquers. Each piece of furniture is made and finished from the finest sustainable materials and created by artisans using time honored manufacturing and finishing techniques.

Please feel free to browse our gallery, new and exciting pieces are added frequently. Please note that all of the pieces shown in our gallery are exclusive to their respective client's and none of our pieces are reproduced. Comments and questions are always welcome so please don't hesitate to contact us.